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AngularJS pass URL in attribute to isolated scope of directive - unexpected token ':'

I'm fairly new to AngularJS and just started using it a few days ago, so forgive me if the question itself is incorrect.

The problem I ran into is that I'd like to pass a URL parameter via attribute to the isolated scope of my directive, but at the

part in
it gives me an error, saying
Syntax Error: Token ':' is an unexpected token at column 5 of the expression [http://

The HTML part of the directive (where I "call" it) is something like this:

<myDirective datasource="http://url"></myDirective>

And I bind(?) it to the isolated scope like this:

scope: {
dataSource: '=datasource'

If the value of the attribute contains only simple characters, it works. How can I solve this?


Answer Source

In your case angular is trying to evaluating value of datasource attribute. Because you mention = i.e. two way binding for variable.

If you wrap URL inside ' (single quote) will solve your problem. because the mentioned value will directly binded to directive isolated scope variable.


<my-directive datasource="'http://url'"></my-directive>
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