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How to get e-mail subject from message:// URL in OSX Swift

I have a desktop app that receives e-mail URLs ("message://" scheme) from the drag&drop pasteboard and I want to get the Subject from the relevant message. The only clue I have, so far, is that the

library might give me an information object where I can retrieve this info from.

Since the
QuickLook API
seems to be rather in flux at the moment and most examples show how to use it in iOS, I simply cannot find a way to set up my "Preview" object using a URL and get the information from there.

I would like to avoid setting up my project as a
plugin, or setting up the whole preview pane / view scaffolding; at the moment I just want to get out what QuickLook loads before it starts displaying, but I can't comprehend what paradigm Apple wants me to implement here.

XCode 7.3.1.

Answer Source

It turns out I misinterpreted the contents of draggingInfo.draggingPasteboard().types as a hierarchical list containing only one type of info (URL in this case). Had to subscribe to dragged event type kUTTypeMessage as String and retrieve the e-mail subject from the pasteboard with stringForType("public.url-name")

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