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Node.js Question

How to set reply to in emailJS , the nodejs mailer?

I was trying to send a mail using the library

in my node app.Everything is working except that I am not able to figure out how to set the '
reply to
' property in the configuration.Here is my code

var email1 = require(node_path + "emailjs/email");

var server1 = email1.server.connect(mail_sever_conf);

//prepare the message
var msg1 = {
from : '',
subject: 'My App mail subject',
text : 'Some mail content',
replyTo : '' //This is what I tried

//send the email
server1.send(msg1, function(err, message) { console.log(err || message); });

I dont see how to set that in their github page either, can someone please help me?

Answer Source

Try to use this:

reply-to Line : 93

They are just passing as Headers. So it should work.

This was resolved/commented on in an issue raised on the project:

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