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How do I make Bootstrap v4 look like v3

I am using Bootstrap 3.3.7 and I'm looking to migrate to v4.

I previously included

in my HTML, but while migrating to v4, I couldn't find
anymore, and I didn't know where it was or what alternatives there were.

Where can I get
for the latest v4 release or the closest equivalent using vanilla Bootstrap (by only editing SCSS variables)?

Answer Source

The separate theme (bootstrap-theme.min.css) has been removed from v4.

Replaced the separate optional theme with configurable options via SCSS variables


In order to get it to look a little more like v3 did, you have to add these SCSS variables as per the v4 docs:

$enable-gradients: true;
$enable-shadows: true;

and then re-compile the SCSS source.

Note: Don't forget to follow the migration docs in order to not get any components that aren't working or other migration surprises.

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