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Unable to fetch Cell Value - DHTMLX

I am relatively new to this dhtmlx. I have to edit a value based on a checkbox selection. I am trying to do it. But somehow it throws a an exception. Tried almost all possible options of API. But nothing seems to work.

var x = document.getElementById("attendance");
if (x.checked === true) {
var classGrid= getClassGrid();
} else {
var classGrid = getClassGrid();

The XML is something like this:

<row id="present"><cell class="label" image="blank.gif">Attendance </cell><cell id="leave" type="leaveType">Y</cell></row></rows>

The debugger keeps throwing a TypeException every time its hits the line,

Answer Source

Well i was getting the DHTML grid the wrong way. Mods i guess you can delete this post as its more or less a non-issue!

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