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Greasemonkey script for inserting math in gmail

I wish an easy way to communicate mathematical equations with gmail.

There's a javascript script called AsciiMath, which should translate Tex-like equations into standard mathML.

I thought that it would be nice to use this script with GM. I thought that before sending the email, this script would convert all the TeX-like equations in your email to MathML. Thus the reader which is using FF (or IE with MathPlayer installed) would be able to easily read those equations.

Ideally, I wish to somehow keep the original TeX-like equations in a plain-text message, so that it would be readable by plain text email clients, such as


Obviously the weakest link here is the client software, which most likely doesn't support MathML. Still if my correspondent is using Firefox and some kind of webmail (which is pretty reasonable) - it should work.

My question is, is it possible? Did anyone do that?

Do you see any technical problems with this approach (gmail filtering the MathML, client not parsing it correctly etc.)?

Any smarter ideas?

Answer Source

GmailTeX does exactly what you want. It is pure javascript so it works in Firefox, Chrome, Opera.

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