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Linux Question

I cant to run my script automatically (cron) Raspberry Pi

I need to run my script

every day.
I execute
crontab -e
and add

15 19 * * * pi /usr/bin/python /home/Desktop/miBBDD/time.py

So my script should run every day at 19:15, but it doesn't.
If I execute
service cron status
I can see:
active running
and my file has permissions for read and write.

Somebody know what is the problem? (My script work fine)

Answer Source

I had similar issue some time ago. Delete the user part of your crontab file.

15 19 * * * /usr/bin/python /home/Desktop/miBBDD/time.py

Compare with this answear.

EDIT: just one more thing: is the path valid? Shouldn't it be /home/pi/Desktop...?

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