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Accessing content window not supported in multiprocess Firefox

I'm using javascript and imacros to collect some data from a website and I have this line of code:

final_macro += "ADD !EXTRACT " + '"' + lager_col2[0].textContent + '"' + "\n";

When I ran my js in the browser I got this error:

Error: Accessing content window is not supported in multiprocess Firefox, line 208 (Error code: -991)

Should I be worried ? Is the use of
forbidden ?
The problem is that
sometimes happen to be a link and I only want the text inside the link, not the tags and everything. So naturally I went with
. How could I get around this ?

Additionally, am I setting myself up for trouble when trying to access certain nodes with the use of
Is it better to use iMACROS TAG POS/XPATH ?

Answer Source

The strange thing is I'm getting the exact same error that you are even down to the code line number. Obviously my JavaScript line numbers do not match yours. At first I thought the problems were caused by my recent upgrade to Firefox 48. But when I moved my imacros to another machine that is running Firefox 47 I got the exact same error as you.

Update: My workaround was to downgrade the Firefox iMacros extension from 9.0.3 to 8.9.7. Now my macro is working again with Firefox version 47 and iMacros version 8.9.7.