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iOS Question

Firebase notification not working on iOS 11.1

I am using swift 2.3 and Xcode 8

I tried to upgrade to Firebase v4 then came to know, v4 supports only swift 3. But my entire project is in Swift v2.3 and Its very difficult to change everything so I want to keep in Swift v2.3 only.

So I am using Firebase 3x series.

I tried Firebase iOS kit v3.10, v3.12 and v3.16

All works perfectly fine with lower iOS 10x and higher 11.1.1

but not receiveing notification on 11.1

Do I need to do anything from my end or is it firebase issue ?

To Upgrade to Firebase v4, need to upgrade Swift to v3 or v4

To upgrade to Swift v4, need to upgrade Xcode to v9

To upgrade to Xcode v9, need to upgrade Mac os to 10.12

So, What is the stable version of Firebase 3.x series compatible with

swift 2.3 and iOS 11.1

Answer Source

Yes Even I faced the same issue on iOS 11.1...

Then updated the iOS version to 11.2 fixed the issue for me.

So feel the issue is with iOS in receing the notifications and not the firebase.

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