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xampp on windows 8 and windows 7 communicate through varnish installed on vmware

I am using xampp on windows 8 and windows 7 machines. I have wordpress MU website installed and running fine on it.

Now, I want to install Varnish. As I didn't find any Varnish Installations for Windows. I opted to install VMware -> Ubuntu -> Varnish.

How can I make the requests for localhost(xampp) to communicate through Varnish.

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step by step process:


in ubuntu obtain the ip using the following command ifconfig -a


add a entry in the windows hosts file to point the local address to the ubuntu ip obtained in step#1 mysite.local


in varnish config file change -a to 80


in default.vcl change host to windows IP (can be obtained from windows command line using ipconfig)


restart varnish and you are all set to go...

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