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Java app hangs on in.hasNext();

I am working on Battleship swing app that communicates through sockets.

private ServerSocket server;
private Socket connection;
private PrintWriter out;
private Scanner in;

I make a connection and setup output and input streams

out = new PrintWriter(connection.getOutputStream(), true);
in = new Scanner(connection.getInputStream());

Then user clicks on field that he thinks there is a ship, and coordinates get sent

public void sendXY(String cord)

Then the method gets called that waits for opponents app to respond if there is a ship or not (true|false).

public void readHit()
boolean k = true;
if(in.hasNext()) //<--app hangs at this line
Fields.hit = in.nextBoolean();
k = false;

But when I test this, my app hangs at first call to in.hasNext().

Answer Source

The scanner is waiting for a token, the print method does not send a complete token unless String cord contains some kind of terminator. Try to use println instead.

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