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Java Question

Java shorthand for function call on object initialization line

I often find myself needing a one time variable:

ArrayList<Object> alist = new ArrayList<Object>();
alist.add(new Object());

Is it possible to write shorthand code like this:

methodThatNeedsArrayList(new ArrayList<Object>(){
this.add(new Object());

I find the first style of coding long and tedious. Is there any shorthand to accomplish this?


I ask for all of the Java language, not just for ArrayLists. Unlike the possible duplicate, answers will have more value for more people.


You can you use the double braces {{ notation:

methodThatNeedsArrayList(new ArrayList<Object>() {{
    add(new Object());

but that creates an anonymous class. I'd prefer using streams:

methodThatNeedsArrayList(Stream.of(new Object()).collect(Collectors.toList())));