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Java Question

What is the possible reason to get this array output?

int mark[] = {016,51,024,0150};
for(int e:mark)

The output for the above code was:


Can someone explain me why 016 became 14?

(and also why 024 and 0150 became that way) Why would having a zero in front make such a difference? Thanks in advance

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A leading 0 on an integer literal indicates octal (base 8); see JLS§3.10.1. 016 octal is 14 decimal (base 10), since 016 octal has a 1 in the eights place and a 6 in the ones place. 8 + 6 = 14 decimal. Three of your four literals are in octal; 51 is in decimal. System.out.println(int) defaults to decimal, which is why you see what appear to be different values for the three that are octal but not for the one that isn't.