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iOS Question

How to play encrypted hls stream in gstreamer

I want to realize a player on iOS in order to play encrypted hls streams. For now I can only play normal hls streams with the pipeline of

. But when I play an encrypted stream, I always get error message : "Could not determine type of stream".

I have checked on the internet but haven't found anything helpful. I found this message is from hlsdemux.c, but I cannot find it in iPhone.sdk. I use the version 1.6.4 with dev environnement Xcode 7.3 and iOS 9.3.1. I really hope someone could help me. Thanks a lot.

Answer Source

After asked those guys of gstreamer, for the time being, there is only two solutions for my problem.

  1. modify the source code of gstsouphttpsrc.c, like the default value of ssl-strict
  2. use a certificate signed by CA instead of a certificate self-signed

I tried the second solution, now it works.

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