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spring boot cannot connect to rabbitmq

I have a RabbitMQ server like this

enter image description here

When I try to connect to this server via Spring Boot amqp, I see

com.rabbitmq.client.AuthenticationFailureException: ACCESS_REFUSED - Login was refused using authentication mechanism PLAIN. For details see the broker logfile.

My configs are this one

# Message

Yes, the user test can access Virtual Hosts on / and yes, I can login with test/test on RabbitMQ GUI


Looking at the rabbitmq logs, I saw this

"PLAIN login refused: user 'guest' - invalid credentials",

seems like Spring is ignoring my configs and trying to connect with


Spring Properties includes specific settings for RabbitMQ. Try replacing your ActiveMQ config with below.

Example: =
spring.rabbitmq.port = 5672
spring.rabbitmq.username = guest
spring.rabbitmq.password = guest