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Layout in PyQt consists of QWidgetItems instead of QPushButtons and has no atribute text

I create a layout and put there 4 buttons via for loop.

layout = QtGui.QVBoxLayout()
my_list = ['1', '2', '3', '4']
for elem in my_list:
button = QtGui.QPushButton(elem)

Then I want to check if any button has a text that I determine in a variable VAR. If it so - do something.

items = (layout.itemAt(i) for i in range(layout.count())) #get list of items in lay

for w in items:
print w
#it gives <PyQt4.QtGui.QWidgetItem object at 0x031F65D0> * 4
#instead of QPushButton.

VAR = '1'
if w.text() == VAR : #Problem here.
print 'I got what I want.'
#the problem is that QWidgetItem has no atribute text.

Please, tell me how to get list of QPushButtons instead of QWidgetItems
or any other solution for this problem.

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The documentation for QWidgetItem is quite clear. You just need to do:

for item in items:
    w = item.widget()