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What is the class of keywords like def, alias, and begin in Ruby, if any?

As far as I understand, everything in Ruby is an object, and every object has a superclass, except

, which is at the top of the inheritance tree.

What is the superclass of keywords like
, and

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They're keywords, not classes. If anything, they would be methods in Kernel, as opposed to classes with superclass BasicObject, but they're just keywords, and as such have neither class nor superclass. They're a special case and treated specially by the interpreter.

Note that not everything that looks like a keyword is one. Take, for example, loop:

loop do
  puts 'Hello, world!'

While it may look like a keyword, it's actually the method Kernel#loop.

By far the easiest way to tell if something is a method or a keyword is to run this long, complicated code on it:


where name_to_test is either a Symbol literal or an instance of Symbol. It uses the always-available method Object#method, which either returns the Method with that name or throws a NameError. If it operates silently -- i.e. doesn't raise any errors -- then you've got a method; if it raises an error, it's not a method. Note that it could also be a variable, not a keyword, but it should be easy enough to tell.

If you want to see the current list of keywords (or don't feel like booting up IRB/your favorite IDE), check this file (CTRL+F keyword_) in the RMI source. It's a little hard to understand, but basically, if you see keyword_[thing you're checking] in that list, it's a keyword. To make this answer as self-contained as possible, here's the (current) list of keywords, based on that:

__LINE__, __FILE__, __ENCODING__, BEGIN, END, alias, and, begin, break, case, class, def, defined, do, else, elsif, end, ensure, false, for, in, module, next, nil, not, or, redo, rescue, retry, return, self, super, then, true, undef, when, yield, if, unless, while, until

(Many thanks to engineersmnky for pointing it out! Never would have found it on my own.)

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