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ItunesConnect processing app forever

I was uploading my application (v1.3 build 105) and I had some internet issue that I cannot process to upload it.
After that I tried to upload it once again. But build 105 was never available. I've changed application build number to 106 and upload it once again.

enter image description here

And now I have problem with internal testing, because I cannot select newest build (build 105 is still processing).

enter image description here

Do anyone had similar issue?

Thanks for any help

Answer Source

I have been through the same experience few times.

We upload builds with iTunes Connect and it can fail due to any reason, maybe the network etc.

It still appears in the iTunes build list with processing label as you have mentioned.

Then, you have to upload a fresh build with a new build number.

Sometimes, the new build takes 2 hours, even up to 6-8 hours to get listed for testing, and then this false "processing" labeled entry gets cleared.

I would suggest waiting for a while, and then you will be able to test your new uploaded build.

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