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How to remove second whitespace in string, but not first using js

I have a small text field and if there is more than one whitespace I need to format the string and add a br tag in that second whitespace. If there isn;t then I do not need to do anything. I do not need to target the first or third (if there is one) and there will probably not be any after 3 as this is a short title field. the length of characters will be different and there is not consistent marker, like a comma of period or something, that I can target.

I was unable to find an answer that addressed this. I did find answers using regex but those all had markers like comma to target, I cannot find on that specifically will only target the second occurrence if there is one so any help would be great appreciated.

Code I have now, which targets only the first occurrence., function() {
var string = $('#award-' + int).attr('data-award-title');

var refomrattedTitle = string.replace(" ", "<br>");


Answer Source

var test = "foo bar string test".replace(/([^\s]*\s[^\s]*)\s/, "$1<br/>");
console.log(test); // logs "foo bar<br/>string test"

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