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C# Question

How to make Visual Studio not put { on a new line?

If I have code like this


and I add


it is transformed into

if (true)

but I would like it to stay in format

if (true) {

Even if I copy code that has
like this, it is transformed into the longer version.

P.S. I understand that it's a C++ and C# standard to use the longer version, however I do come from a different standard, and it's easier for me to use the shorter version.

I bet there is some formatter option that can be turned off or changed.

Answer Source

Go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->C#->Formatting->New Lines

Here there are a lot of options. Remove the check on all options here to never put the open bracket on a new line.


The section New Line Options for expressions does not relate to placement of code in conjunction with brackets, so those you don't need to touch.

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