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Android Question

Ormlite or sqlite Which one is good for Android perspective?

I am confused the which one good for android perspective either

please can you give me suggestion which one is better for use our android app. And makes easy to use and supported all android devices?
I want to use the ormlite in our project but before i want to sure that it will be helfull for me and my app. So please guide me if any one used earlier this. I much appreciate your thought here.Thnaks

Answer Source

ORMLite is an open source software framework that provides lightweight object relational mapping (ORM) between Java classes and SQL databases.

if you use this framework you are ultimately using sqlite database (ORMLite is no database),it allows you to implemet a good architecture to your application, I always prefer using ORMLite

Here is my blog on ORMLite if you want to get started with it!!

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