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Cannot install Aptana Studio 3.6 on Windows

I'd like to use Aptana Studio for Rails development under Windows. I currently have different dev tools & ide's up and running (like git/ruby/jdk) and I'd like to install Aptana Studio as well but I can't. After downloading and running installer, it starts properly and after I choose destination dir, it starts downloading prequisities. I have several problems with it:

  1. After a while, it tries to install node.js (well, I am not sure why, but let it be) and sometimes it installs it ok, but sometimes it just fails with no error, telling me only that aptana couldn't install prequisities.

  2. If by a chance node.js is installed, it tries to install msysgit (again, I don't know why, because I have git installed and added to PATH). When installing msysgit is done, all i get is info that "installing msysgit failed" and all I can do is click finish in installer which is telling me that prequisities couldn't be installed.

I am using Win7 x64, ruby 1.9.3p-545, msysgit 1.8.4, jdk 1.7. Does anyone had simmilar problem and succesfully installed this ide?

Answer Source

Installing Aptana Studio in passive mode bypasses the installation of Git for Windows and Node.js.

Aptana_Studio_3_Setup_3.6.1 /passive /norestart

(I am unsure whether Aptana Studio will work properly without those "prerequisites", but it appears to.)

If you want a global installation in a specific directory, the command line is

Aptana_Studio_3_Setup_3.6.1.exe /passive /norestart ALLUSERS=1 APPDIR=c:\apps\AptanaStudio
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