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java local timeformat without year

I like to format the local timeformat into a string without the year. At the moment I am able to show the local format containing the year:

java.text.DateFormat df = java.text.DateFormat.getDateInstance(java.text.DateFormat.SHORT);
String dateString = df.format(date);

therefore i receive an time string output like


for the different countries. Now i like to get a short form like


how would i do this?

thanks for your help!

Answer Source

You can use SimpleDateFormat:

Date date = new Date();
java.text.SimpleDateFormat df = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd");
String dateString = df.format(date);




After researching locale formats further, and expanding on Peters answer, here's some code to demonstrator differences between toPattern() and toLocalizedPattern():

import java.text.*
import java.util.*

ArrayList<Locale> locales = new ArrayList<Locale>();

Date date = new Date();

for(Locale l : locales)
    SimpleDateFormat sdf = (SimpleDateFormat) SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT, l);
    String pattern = sdf.toPattern();
    String localizedPattern = sdf.toLocalizedPattern()
    println "country: " + l.getDisplayName();
    println "pattern: " + pattern;
    println "localizedPattern: " + localizedPattern;

    try {
        SimpleDateFormat temp = new SimpleDateFormat(localizedPattern, l);
        println "localized pattern re-parsed successfully"
    } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
        println "localized pattern re-parsed unsuccessfully: " + e.getMessage();
    SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat(pattern, l);
    String dateString = df.format(date);
    println "resulting date: " + dateString
    String yearlessPattern = pattern.replaceAll("\\W?[Yy]+\\W?", "");
    println "yearlessPattern = " + yearlessPattern;
    SimpleDateFormat yearlessSDF = new SimpleDateFormat(yearlessPattern, l);
    println "resulting date without year: " + yearlessSDF.format(date) + "\n";

Produces following output:

country: English (United States)
pattern: M/d/yy
localizedPattern: M/d/yy
localized pattern re-parsed successfully
resulting date: 3/15/12
yearlessPattern = M/d
resulting date without year: 3/15

country: English (United Kingdom)
pattern: dd/MM/yy
localizedPattern: dd/MM/yy
localized pattern re-parsed successfully
resulting date: 15/03/12
yearlessPattern = dd/MM
resulting date without year: 15/03

country: German (Germany)
pattern: dd.MM.yy
localizedPattern: tt.MM.uu
localized pattern re-parsed unsuccessfully: Illegal pattern character 't'
resulting date: 15.03.12
yearlessPattern = dd.MM
resulting date without year: 15.03

country: Chinese (China)
pattern: yy-M-d
localizedPattern: aa-n-j
localized pattern re-parsed unsuccessfully: Illegal pattern character 'n'
resulting date: 12-3-15
yearlessPattern = M-d
resulting date without year: 3-15

So in conclusion, to display a localized date without a year:

String yearlessPattern = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT).toPattern().replaceAll("\\W?[Yy]+\\W?", "");

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