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How do I avoid "potential null pointer access" when using Preconditions.checkNotNull()?

Eclipse gives me the warning "Potential null pointer access: The variable ann may be null at this location":

SomeAnnotation ann = type.getAnnotation( SomeAnnotation.class );
Preconditions.checkNotNull( ann, "Missing annotation on %s", type );

for( String value : ann.value() ) { // <-- warning happens here

I'm using Eclipse 3.7 and Guava. Is there a way to get rid of this warning?

I could use
but I would have to attach it to the method which I feel would be a bad idea.

Answer Source

Eclipse e4 has much better support for null checks and resource tracking in the compiler.

Another solution is writing your own version of checkNotNull like so:

public static <T> T checkNotNull(@Nullable T reference) {
  if (reference == null) {
    throw new NullPointerException();
  return reference;   

Now you can use this approach:

SomeAnnotation ann = Preconditions.checkNotNull( type.getAnnotation( SomeAnnotation.class ) );

(I've omitted the version of checkNotNull() which take error messages; they work in the same way).

I'm wondering why Guava doesn't do that since they already use these annotation elsewhere.

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