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iOS Question

What do I need to create my news app? So I'm able to update it without reuploading the app

I'm interested in trying to build an news app as a learning project. My plan is that on my app you can access a few different categories and in those categories there are some text that I myself has written. (Not a URL from a news website or something like that)

But if I made my app and wrote my articles directly in Xcode, I would not be able to update it as soon as I (theoretically) uploaded it to an App store.

Can anybody point me in the direction? so that I can research about the logic behind making such an app.

Answer Source

You can download data from a server. To implement this you should know about client-server communications. Also look at NSURLSession, NSXMLParser or NSJSONSerialisation, CodeData, NSTimer, NSFileManager.

These classes are needed to implement data downloading, parsing and storing to the phone.

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