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Javascript Question

Javascript create object in function style

#1 (object)
function Person(f){
this.firstname = f;

var me = new Person('benny');

#2 (function)
function Person(f){

Im new in js oop, I have knowledge of oop in PHP

My question is what's different between 1st one and 2nd one?

in php, if I create an obj, i will start with

in JS, it seems like you can also create an obj
var obj = {}
OR like create it like a function?

can someone enplane how it works?

Answer Source

The first is a constructor function and the second is just a plain function with a capital letter.

The constructor function is a way of creating data types. JavaScript offers prototypal inheritance.

Person.prototype.newmethod = function(){...};

There is a class keyword in the new JavaScript version. You could use also TypeScript. It may make more sense to you.