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Can I reuse ValueAnimator?

I have the following code (Android project in Scala):

val animator = new ValueAnimator
animator.setFloatValues(0f, 100f)
animator.addUpdateListener(this) // prints current value to console

override def onTouch(v: View, event: MotionEvent) = {
animator.setFloatValues(100f, 0f)

if (!animator.isRunning) animator.start

If I touch the screen while
is running then it correctly starts working backwards (since I've swapped the values). But if I touch the screen after it is finished then nothing happens, it does not start over.

Question is can I reuse this animator somehow and make it work again for given values after it has been stopped?

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You cannot reuse an animation.

You need to reset() and reinitialize an animation object by calling the initialize() method before using the same object again. This is similar to instantiating a new animation object.