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How to send Slack notification after Jenkins pipeline build failed?

I have a pipeline groovy script in Jenkins v2.19. Also I have a

"Slack Notification Plugin" v2.0.1 and "Groovy Postbuild Plugin".

I have successfully send a message "build started" and "build finished" (if it had).

When some build step failed – how I can send a message "Build failed" to the Slack channel?

Answer Source

You could do something like this and use a try catch block.

Here is some example Code:

node {
    try {

        stage('Prepare code') {
            echo 'do checkout stuff'

        stage('Testing') {
            echo 'Testing'
            echo 'Testing - publish coverage results'

        stage('Staging') {
            echo 'Deploy Stage'

        stage('Deploy') {
            echo 'Deploy - Backend'
            echo 'Deploy - Frontend'

  } catch (e) {
    // If there was an exception thrown, the build failed
    currentBuild.result = "FAILED"
    throw e
  } finally {
    // Success or failure, always send notifications

def notifyBuild(String buildStatus = 'STARTED') {
  // build status of null means successful
  buildStatus =  buildStatus ?: 'SUCCESSFUL'

  // Default values
  def colorName = 'RED'
  def colorCode = '#FF0000'
  def subject = "${buildStatus}: Job '${env.JOB_NAME} [${env.BUILD_NUMBER}]'"
  def summary = "${subject} (${env.BUILD_URL})"

  // Override default values based on build status
  if (buildStatus == 'STARTED') {
    color = 'YELLOW'
    colorCode = '#FFFF00'
  } else if (buildStatus == 'SUCCESSFUL') {
    color = 'GREEN'
    colorCode = '#00FF00'
  } else {
    color = 'RED'
    colorCode = '#FF0000'

  // Send notifications
  slackSend (color: colorCode, message: summary)

Complete snippet can be found here Jenkinsfile Template

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