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C# Question

Extract list where string is contained inside a list inside the list

Basically I have a list of objects. Let's call them meetings. Inside the meetings there is another list of objects. Let's call those participants. I want to return all meetings where a certain participant is in the list.

I want something like this:

meetings.Where(meeting => meeting.Participants.Name == "Test name").ToList();

Basically return a list of meetings, where the meeting has a participant with the name "Test name".

EDIT: I actually ended up using a MongoDB filter. Before I would just extract all the "meetings" (with a filter) and then use LINQ to filter the list. Might as well filter out the results on database level.. But this is good to know.

Answer Source

Are you looking for Any?

var result = meetings
  .Where(meeting => meeting
     .Any(participant => participant.Name == "Test name"))
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