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React JSX Question

Redux thunk in react native

I'm getting and error on createStor that I'm not understanding why

import { createStore, applyMiddleware, combineReducers, compose } from 'redux';
import thunk from "redux-thunk"
import promise from "redux-promise-middleware"
import * as reducers from './reducers';

const middleware = applyMiddleware(promise(), thunk);

export default createStore(reducers, middleware);

Above is my code and I get the error in the line

const middleware = applyMiddleware(promise(), thunk);

The error is Expected the Reducer to be a function.
I'm using React Native 0.37 and the latest version of redux, redux-thunk and redux-promise-middleware.
The reducers is the result of combineReducers.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source
import * as reducers from './reducers';

There's no way that reducers is a function. You're going to get an object with each export as a property. You probably want:

import reducers from './reducers';
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