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Error with DataDinding and Dagger2

I was developing a project using DataBinding but after to add Dagger2 and implement the Module, Component and graft I have faced this error:

Error:(8, 74) error: package does not


Error:(16, 13) error: cannot find symbol class ActivityMainBinding

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: not a valid component method: injectPresentationFragmentPresenter()

This is my Module:

public class Modul {

private Context context;

public Modul(Context context){
this.context = context;

public MainActivity provideMainActivity(){
return new MainActivity();

public PresentationFragmentPresenter providePresentationFragment(){
return new PresentationFragmentPresenterImp(provideMainActivity());


My Compoment:

@Component (modules = Modul.class )

public interface Compoment {
void injectPresentationFragmentPresenter();

and Graph

public class App extends Application {

private Compoment mCompoment;

public void onCreate() {


private void setUpGraph() {
mCompoment = DaggerCompoment.builder()
.modul(new Modul(this))

public Compoment getCompoment(){
return mCompoment;

Finally my MainActivity

private ActivityMainBinding mActivityMainBinding ;
@Inject PresentationFragmentPresenter mView;
private Toolbar mToolbar;

protected void bindView(int layoutResource) {
mView = new PresentationFragmentPresenterImp(this);
mActivityMainBinding = DataBindingUtil.setContentView(this,layoutResource);

public int getLayoutResource() {
return R.layout.activity_main;

What I am doing wrong ? Do you know if there is incompatibilities between Dagger and DataBinding?

Answer Source

A component has two ways of providing dependendencies:

Provision methods that return an injected or provided type.

Here's an example of a provision method. Note that it is a method that simply returns a dependency, in this case an OKHttpClient.

OkHttpClient httpClient();

Members-injection methods that inject dependencies into a particular type.

Here's an example of a members-injection method. Note that it takes a single argument, which is the type that will be injected with its dependencies (in this case a MainActivity:

void inject(MainActivity activity);

You can read more about components at the Dagger 2 @Component javadocs.

Your problem is that void injectPresentationFragmentPresenter(); is neither of these. It doesn't return anything, so it isn't a provision method. It also takes no argument, so it can't be a members-injection method. Based on the naming of the method and the rest of your post, I'm guessing what you want is to define the method like so:

void injectPresentationFragmentPresenter(PresentationFragmentPresenter presenter);
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