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MySQL Question

How do I extract the data from a query in Golang's GORM in mysql?

I'm trying to read the data from a database with GoLang's GORM, and am new to Go in general. This is the snippet I'm trying to get work. It's to search a database using a number and check if it already exists. Just grasping at straws here, and not really understanding how GORM works, and can't find documentation that explains what to do after doing a Where Clause.

res := db.Where("Number = ?", inumber).First(&Profile{})
log.Print("Searched for profile")
if res.RecordNotFound() {
log.Print("Record not found")
return "", "", "", false
} else {

ret := res.Scan(&Profile{})

Answer Source

You need to retrieve data into some variable to be able to use it later:

p := Profile{}
res := db.Where("Number = ?", inumber).First(&p)

// now use p
log.Printf("%+v", p)
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