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jQuery Question

dataTransfer.setData does not work in IE9

I am binding some code to the

event with jquery like this:

$new.on('dragstart', function(event) {
event.originalEvent.dataTransfer.setData("text/html", $new.clone().wrap('<p>').parent().html());

is a jquery object. The aim is to attach the html of the dragged element to the event, so that i can create a copy when dropped. Chrome doesn't even need this event to do it. Firefox works when this code is added. But IE9 throws a
SCRIPT65535: Unexpected call to method or property access.
when the event is triggered. Here is a jsFiddle:

How can i make this work for IE?

Answer Source

in ie there's only two parameters according to the docs IE9 does not accept text/html as a format. USe just 'Text'

here's a sample ie according to the msdn website:

function InitiateDrag() 
//  The setData parameters tell the source object
//  to transfer data as a URL and provide the path.
    event.dataTransfer.setData("URL", oImage.src);

function FinishDrag()
//  The parameter passed to getData tells the target
//  object what data format to expect.
    sImageURL = event.dataTransfer.getData("URL")
    oTarget.innerText = sImageURL;
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