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JSON.NET JObject - how do I get value from this nested JSON structure

I have this JSON:

"client_id": "26075235",
"client_version": "1.0.0",
"event": "app.uninstall",
"timestamp": 1478741247,
"data": {
"user_id": "62581379",
"site_id": "837771289247593785",
"platform_app_id": "26075235"

I parse it into a JSON.NET JObject and I can successfully access the first level of values using e.g. (string)RequestBody.SelectToken("client_id")

How do I access the value of "user_id" using a JPath expression (or by accessing a child object of the JSON.NET JObject)? This doesn't work:


and I can't do this to parse the 'data' part of the JSON:

JObject RequestBodyData = JObject.Parse((string)RequestBody.SelectToken("data"));

as the compiler seems to recognise RequestBody.SelectToken("data") as an object (I get the error 'Can not parse object into string')

and I don't want to parse the original JSON into a custom C# object as I'm developing a solution that needs to be able to generically parse JSON into a JObject (or any other type of generic object for handling JSON), so it can be parsed in a relatively consistent way.

Answer Source

SelectToken("data[0].user_id") doesn't work because there isn't an array in your JSON. You should use SelectToken("data.user_id") instead.


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