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Reactive Cocoa / Reactive Swift - Swift 3.0 missing methods

Since I updated

Reactive Cocoa (RAC 5)
Swift 3.0
which needs
Reactive Swift
to works, I don't find events methods like
on a
for example, or
for a

I imported both frameworks, I think the problem is that they updated the frameworks and they changed the name of the methods. But I didn't find an updated documentation for
Swift 3.0

I install
Reactive Cocoa / Reactive Swift
as a
in my project, not from Carthage, maybe the problem is coming from there ?

(Like that :

Can someone tell me how to solve this ?

Reactive Swift :

Only have :


Answer Source

Some parts of the Obj-C API have been divided in another framework : ReactiveObjC.

I needed to install this framework to access these methods.

Solution :

As stated in README (Objective-C and Swift section), those Objective-C API are splitted out to ReactiveObjC framework. You need to add as a submodule, link the framework, then import ReactiveObjC.

Please see the following discussion on the issue :

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