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insert data into specific column cell using datatables jquery

I've searched into the documentation of data tables of how one can add data to the table here but no where I could find a way to insert data into a single cell for a given column. For example, I need sth like:

"columns": [ {target (0), "value which will be inserted"} ]

There is a way to inser data from an array but each section of the array contains values for the whole row ( see here but I need to insert data into different cells in respect with the columns since I don't know the column labels initially. This is because the data will be in json format and first I need to extract the unique dates for each json object. These will be my column headers. And then for each of the objects based on its date I need to put it into the relevant date column. So the logic should be sth like:

if this date column (from the table) == json object date then put it there


Answer Source

It seems like after a lot of researching this feature is not available in DataTables. So that's why I've solved the problem with jQuery. Using the code below I can iterate through a column and insert values in it.

//change 1 to the column at hand
$("#table tr > :nth-child(1)").each(function(index) {
    //skip the column header
    if (index > 0){
        //insert value
        $(this).html("<span class='fixed-size-square'> value to be inserted");
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