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AngularJS Question

File Upload using AngularJS

Here is my HTML form:

<form name="myForm" ng-submit="">
<input ng-model='file' type="file"/>
<input type="submit" value='Submit'/>

I want to upload an image from local machine and want to read the content of the uploaded file. All this I want to do using AngularJS.

When I try to print the value of
it comes as undefined.

Answer Source

Some of the answers here propose using FormData(), but unfortunately that is a browser object not available in Internet Explorer 9 and below. If you need to support those older browsers, you will need a backup strategy such as using <iframe> or Flash.

There are already many Angular.js modules to perform file uploading. These two have explicit support for older browsers:

And some other options:

One of these should fit your project, or may give you some insight into how to code it yourself.

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