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JSON Question

Any recommendation for xml to json for Node.js?

I've installed node-xml but I don't think it works the way I expect. and it doesnt' have example. any recommendation for xml-2-json (js) for node.js? I also looked at xml2js in npm but it is deprecated and people reported that it is broken with the latest node.js

by the way, i'm also using express. :)

Answer Source

There are many xml parsers.

Like libxmljs and node-o3-xml. The latter is made and used by so it should be stable.

As for converting XML to JSON, I would recommend creating an object structure from your xml and then manually calling JSON.stringify on it. This gives you complete control of how your xml data is turned into JSON.

You can then either save the JSON in a file/DB or serve it to a request.

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