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codeigniter route problem

result I want :

greeting/102/steve => greeting/index/102/steve

in greeting.php :

function index($order,$name)
echo "order: $order , name : $name ! ";

in route.php :

$route['greeting/(:num)/(:any)'] = "greeting/index/$1/$2";

result I get :

order : , name : steve !

Answer Source

Actually, it's right to use double quotes. It's even indicated like this in the manual (beside having done it a hundred times), so I don't see the problem @cwallenpool is pointing out.
Your routing looks fine, be sure it is called after the reserved routes

$route['default_controller'] = "welcome";
$route['404_override'] = '';
$route['greeting/(:num)/(:any)'] = "greeting/index/$1/$2";

I suggest you to try using $this->uri->rsegment(n) (info on user guide here) to catch the rerouted uri segment that's causing you trouble. (similar to $this->uri->segment(n) but designed specifically for rerouted URIs)

You can also try changing the $config['uri_protocol'] from AUTO to PATH_INFO (or one of the other alternatives) and see if the problem doesn't sit there. Remember also to delete the 'index.php' part in $config['index_page'] if you're using htaccess to delete the index.php from you URL.

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