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Python Question

Python Sequences Example

Im learning Python and we are on a lesson about sequences, we have been given this example code but I have a few questions about it;

word = input("Word? ")
letter = input("Letter? ")
i = 0
found = False
while not found and i != len(word):
found = word[i] == letter
i = i + 1
if found :
print("letter ", letter, " found in word ", word, " at position ", i -1)
print("letter ", letter, " not found in word ", word)

  1. What happens at the line found = word[i] == letter

  2. Why does the print statement states a letter found at i-1

I am very new to this so if you could ELI5 that would be very helpful.
Thanks in advanced.

  1. If the letter the program is looking at right now (word[i]) is equal to letter, the boolean variable found becomes true, otherwise, the loop will continue until the end of the word or until letter is found.

  2. Because i has been incremented in the while loop above it, regardless of whether letter has been found or not.