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kendo mvc ajax grid sending Viewbag or ViewData variable as a parameter in client Template Column

I'm using Telerik Kendo MVC Grid ,and i need to use client template as a link.
The Question is : How to send ViewBag Variable or ViewData as a parameter within the link?

Answer Source

Just the syntax for creating a ClientTemplate using a ViewBag field?

   ViewBag.Data = "kendo-mvc-ajax-grid-sending-viewbag-or-viewdata-variable-as-a-parameter-in-clien";

    .Columns(cols =>
        cols.Bound(c => c.Field1);
        cols.Bound(c => c.Field2);
        cols.Bound(c => c.Field2);
                "<a href='" + ViewBag.Data + "' target='_blank'>Click Here</a>"                    );
    } of grid config....

Otherwise, you need to provide more specific details of what you are asking.

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