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SQL Question

Send email from MySQL trigger when a table updated

Consider a table as

, i like to add a
on this table

select Num into num from table1 where;
DECLARE done int default false;
DECLARE cur1 CURSOR FOR select EmailId from users where Num=num;
DECLARE continue handler for not found set done = true;
OPEN cur1;
my_loop: loop
fetch cur1 into email_id;
if done then
leave my_loop;
end if;
//send mail to all email id.
end loop my_loop;
close cur1;

Is there any simple method to write in the place commented? To send a email to all the email id retrieved from table

I am using MySQL in XAMPP(phpmyadmin).

Answer Source

I'm against that solution. Putting the load of sending e-mails in your Database Server could end very bad.

In my opinion, what you should do is create a table that queues the emails you would want to send and have a process that checks if there are emails to be sent and send them if positive.

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