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Swift Question

Swift Error convertPoint(CGPoint, to: UITableView)

So I have a custom

and in that tableview I have a button, an image, and 2 labels. Each of these items gets filled with json data from a mysql server using php. I converted my project from Objective-C to Swift and in doing so I got this error. This is one of the most important codes in my project because since the user clicks the follow button it moves the array to other arrays, and in doing that it gives a special row number to the cell so all the images, labels, and the button knows which is which to display.

I tried switching it so
but just errors so I left it how it was orginally.

The code for the button

// Follow Button
@IBAction func followButtonClick(_ sender: Any) {

// Adding row to tag
var buttonPosition = (sender as AnyObject).convertPoint(, to: self.myTableView)
var indexPath = self.myTableView.indexPathForRow(at: buttonPosition)!

// Creating an action per tag
if indexPath != nil {

// Showing Status Labels
var cell = self.myTableView.cellForRow(atIndexPath: indexPath)!
cell.firstStatusLabel.isHidden = false
cell.secondStatusLabel.isHidden = false

// Change Follow to Following
(sender as AnyObject).setImage(UIImage(named: "follow.png")!, for: .normal)
cell.followButton.isHidden = true
cell.followedButton.isHidden = false

// ----- Inserting Cell to Section 0 -----
followedArray.insert(testArray[indexPath.row], at: 0)
myTableView.insertRows(at: [IndexPath(row: 0, section: 0)], with: .fade)

// ----- Removing Cell from Section 1 -----
testArray.remove(at: indexPath.row)
var rowToRemove = indexPath.row
self.myTableView.deleteRows(at: [IndexPath(row: rowToRemove, section: 1)], with: true)



The Error

error picture

Errors with new code

Pictures so its easier to read


error 3

error 4

Answer Source

convertPoint is changed in Swift 3 like convert(_:to:).

var buttonPosition = (sender as AnyObject).convert(, to: self.myTableView)

Check Apple Documentation for more details.


For your first warning instead of usinf indexPath != nil you need to use if let and for that label error you need to cast your cell to customCell that you are using.

var buttonPosition = (sender as AnyObject).convert(, to: self.myTableView)
if let indexPath = self.tblSubscriber.indexPathForRow(at: buttonPosition) {
     //Cast your `UITableViewCell` to CustomCell that you have used
     var cell = self.myTableView.cellForRow(atIndexPath: indexPath) as! CustomCell 

For your deleteRows error you need to specify the UITableViewRowAnimation not true or false.

self.myTableView.deleteRows(at: [IndexPath(row: rowToRemove, section: 1)], with: .automatic)

For more detail about UITableViewRowAnimation check documentation.

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