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Ajax Question

How to replace 'Async=false' with promise in javascript?

I have read a lot about

but I'm still not sure how to implement it.

I wrote the folowing AJAX call with
in order for it to work, but I want to replace it with promise as I saw that
is deprecated.

self.getBalance = function (order) {
var balance;
url: "/API/balance/" + order,
type: "GET",
async: false,
success: function (data) {
balance = data;
done: function (date) {
return balance;

Would you be able to help me? I just need an example to understand it.

Answer Source

Return promise object from getBalance method:

self.getBalance = function (orderNumber) {
    return $.ajax({
        url: "/Exchange.API/accountInfo/balance/" + orderNumber,
        type: "GET"

and use it later like this:

service.getBalance().then(function(balance) {
    // use balance here
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