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Get files from each git commit

I have about 160k commits each with 3 files being updated (been using github as a website), and i'm looking for a way to get the files so I can then put the contents into a real DB.

My question is how can I get (download?) the updated files from each commit, saving them to a folder with a timestamp/commitSHA appended to the name to avoid naming conflicts.

Is this possible with git? I know I can use the github site to see the files and what has changed, but the problem is there are over 160k commits.

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This is not the most elegant solution but it should work.

First you have to get a local copy of the repository using:

git clone <repo-url>

You get the <repo-url> from the GitHub page of your project (check the "Clone or download" button).

Then you cd into the local repo and run something along these lines:

for rev in $(git log --format=%H); do
    git checkout $rev -- file1
    cp file1 ../history/file1-$rev

Make sure you create the history directory in advance. Duplicate the two lines inside the loop for each file you need to get.

Run git reset --hard at the end to let the repository in its original state.

If you also need the timestamp of the file you can get it using git log --format=%ct file1. Replace the cp command with:

ts=$(git log --format=%ct $rev file1)
cp file1 ../history/file1-$rev-$ts

Check the documentation for other file or commit properties you can get using get log.

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