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C# Question

How to replace a particular string in c# using regex or linq

I have a string where I need to replace a particular string, my string is as follows

string s = @"-Username ABC **-Password XYZ** -Address MNO";
string[] s1 = s.Split('-');
var newList = s1.Where(s2 =>s2.Contains("Password"));

I need to replace the string
-Password XYZ
-Password ****
can some one help me

Answer Source


    [TestCase("-Username ABC -Password XYZ -Address MNO", "-Username ABC -Password *** -Address MNO")]
    public void Test(string toTest, string expected ) 
        Assert.AreEqual(expected, DestroyPassword(toTest));


    public static string DestroyPassword(string str )
          var r = new Regex("-Password .*? ");//? in .net means not greedy
          return r.Replace(str, "-Password *** ");
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