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Node.js Question

Node.js can't see ImageMagick on Windows 7

I Installed ImageMagick (ImageMagick-6.9.2-3-Q16-x64-static.exe) and add in my js file following:

var easyimg = require('easyimage');

but when I start my node.js app I get this error:

ImageMagick Not Found
EasyImage requires ImageMagick to work. Install it from http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php.

Answer Source

Make sure the ImageMagick directory is in your path. Add it to your system or user PATH environment variable.

Test by opening a new command window and running the following:

echo %PATH%

The last step should launch a viewer which is in the imagemagick path.

If you set and verifed the path is correct then you should not get any error when your run:

node app.js

If that fails try removing everything except imagemagick from your path in case your edits have resulted in a corrupt path.

C:\PATH\TO\NODE\node.exe app.js
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