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Is Hibernate's session thread safe?

I need to know, whether the Hibernate's session is thread safe or not. But obvious a new session is attached to every thread for execution. But my question is if in one thread I have updated some value of an entity, so will that be reflected in other thread during same time execution?

My problem is when I fire update from two threads sequentially, the value is updated properly but when I fire the update almost altogether then it fails.

for eg.
current stage of table.

------- --------- --------
1 John 54

I am trying to do follwing :

Student student = session.load(Student.class, 1);
student.setMarks(student.getMarks() + 1);

When I try to run the above code in loop say 10, then value of "marks" in table "student" is properly updated i.e. the value gets updated to 64 which is proper.

But when I try to run the same code in threaded environment, it gives bad results.

Answer Source

It is not intended that implementors be threadsafe. Instead each thread/transaction should obtain its own instance from a SessionFactory.

Even with this in mind, your behaviour might still not be what you expect, because transactions come into play. You will have to set a proper transaction isolation level. See the configuration guide, hibernate.connection.isolation property.

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