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is there an equalant to PHP array_key_exists in javascript or jquery

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Checking if an associative array key exists in Javascript

I have a PHP code block . For a purpose I am converting this to a JavaScript block.

I have PHP

if(array_key_exists($val['preferenceIDTmp'], $selected_pref_array[1]))

now I want to do this in jQuery. Is there any built in function to do this?

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Note that objects (with named properties) and associative arrays are the same thing in javascript.

You can use hasOwnProperty to check if an object contains a given property:

o = new Object();  
o.prop = 'exists'; // or o['prop'] = 'exists', this is equivalent 

function changeO() {  
  o.newprop = o.prop;  
  delete o.prop;  

o.hasOwnProperty('prop');   //returns true  
o.hasOwnProperty('prop');   //returns false  

Alternatively, you can use:

if (prop in object)

The subtle difference is that the latter checks the prototype chain.

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