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How to convert .xcarchive to .ipa for client to submit app to app store using Application Loader

We have created the .xcarchive file code signing with our client's certificate & distribution provisioning profile, but we need to send the .ipa file to our client so that they can upload the app to the App store using Application Loader.

The only way to create the .ipa file in Xcode 4.5 is clicking Distribute -> Save for Enterprise or Ad-Hoc Deployment which has a description underneath saying "Sign and package application for distribution outside of the iOS App Store".

If we save the .ipa file this way, will it cause any problem submitting to the app store? Or is there a proper way of converting the .xcarchive to .ipa?

Thanks in advance!

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I also observed the same problem in one of my projects.

I resolved it by changing settings in target. For main project and dependency.

 skip Install  NO

After this change, goto Xcode->Product->Archive->Save for Enterprise or Ad-Hoc Deployment

We followed the same process and uploaded through Application Loader and Apple approved the app.

enter image description here

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